Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals

Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals is, on the surface, a well-constructed agency made up of multiple teams of accountants, IT staff and senior staff.

They claim to possess a professionalism that is better than their immediate competitors and brandish a variety of certifications, endorsements and five-star approval ratings from a number of (seemingly) well-respected organizations and websites.

Beneath the surface, the story reads rather differently. Instead of well-constructed, Money Catch is barely organized, comprising of a single manager, who is also the foremost operator, family members who are employees in name only (and presumably for the tax benefits), and foreign IT staff whose credentials cannot be ascertained with any certainty.

Professionalism is their motto, but what professionalism do they actually offer? There are quite a few negative reviews regarding their services online, just a google search and you will be disappointed.

As for their competitors, well…that is a much more personal story for me. I used to be one of their competitors. My business wasn’t (Falsely) advertised as a big, flashy, corporate gig like Money Catch. There was no manager, no IT staff, no offices…just me and my computer.

I do not profess to have offered a better service than Money Catch. I just offered my services as they were; my investigative expertise in finding and accessing unclaimed money and connecting them to their owners for a flat 15% finders fee.

Unlike Money Catch, I never mislead the public with quotes like ‘ Australia’s leading unclaimed money agency’ and other unsubstantiated baloney. I stated what I do and I considered it to a pretty decent service my fee was 15% and for most people I approached, that was quite reasonable.

So with Money Catch with their big staff and their big plans and their big advertising and flashy website, I didn’t worry, because I was just chugging along, doing what I had always done. I reasoned that they had bigger fish to fry than the clients I tended to work with on my smaller scale of business.

Then it hit me. Out of the blue, I was struck with emails. Angry emails, a virus to my system. I was dumbstruck. Then my existing clients began to question, saying that they were suddenly unsure about the service I was offering, wondering if I was qualified to do the work. I had no idea where this was coming from. My business took a hit…but I kept on going…like most people would in my situation, I assumed it was just a wave that was going to pass. A few weeks later, on an interstate family visit, I was having a coffee with my a good friend, of mine another recovery agent I used to work with her money recovery agency on the side, and she encouraged me to start up my own agency when I moved interstate to support my husbands career path). Let’s call her ‘Agent A’.

Agent A had experienced exactly the same thing I myself had experienced. Online attacks and eventually, curious questions from her clients. It was exactly the same thing that happened to my own business. My friend was a little more business-minded than myself and happened to charge between 10-20% for her services because she had to work from an office and actually had an assistant to help her with paperwork, so she had more incentive than I did to investigate the source of this discontent. Agent A confided in me that she had initially thought it to be the unfortunate side-effect of an unhappy client or perhaps an online business article. There was no such thing.

Unfortunately, there was no article. It would have been so much easier if it had been. Her investigation led her down a very long and windy rabbit hole until she finally came to what appeared to be the source of the discontentment, a website neither Agent A, or I, knew anything about.

This website, which was quite accessible for me at the time this was posted – EDIT: It seems that the owner has now included a passworded login to access the site since the posting of my articles! – purported to contain a grand list

of all recovery agencies in Australia, with rankings and qualifications and certifications and reviews, all bundled up into one convenient website.

What!?, OR,

On these sites, she ranks businesses and agencies in the very industry she herself is working in! It would be like Ford giving itself a five-star rating and decrying every other brand unqualified! Imagine if Telstra were to create multiple ‘independent’ review websites and use them in a biased slander war against Optus? Defamation would be the first word out of anyone’s mouth!

In the case of Money Catch and it’s puppet websites, it is important to pierce the veil, to ascertain the rights of the owner rather than the rights of the websites in question.

Do each of these websites have the right to slander, lie, misdirect as an independent review board?

WELL NO, and because many of the services Deanna Mannix has been slandering are small, single agent enterprises, it is reasonable to infer that she is directly slandering the agents themselves. This is called Defamation.

Does the OWNER of these websites have the right to direct their customers towards Money Catch after providing misleading and false information through multiple ‘independent review boards’ and ‘certifiers’ about the quality of other Agencies? HELL NO, and because these certifiers are independently owned, managed and overseen (by none other than the owner of the company they are endorsing!) That is ;Deanna Mannix, a recovery agent herself, it can be considered both a case of Conflict of Interest and False Advertising, false claims and statements all rolled into one!

If you need additional proof, go no further than:

There is a video title, using the exact verbatim: “We Know Unclaimed Money!”…which is a word for word the catchphrase of Money Catch. On the other website provided;

You will notice that EVERY OTHER AGENCY has been put down, criticized and defamed and somehow they have found nothing except negative comments and feedback to attach to these companies that have been operating for years without any sort of trouble or problems.

Isn’t it interesting that by not being Money Catch, you can incur the wrath of mysterious clients who you never even serviced?

Speaking of Money Catch…it must be complete coincidence that Money Catch is the only company out of hundreds to receive a full five star rating, along with a shining list of certifications and membership details that, as we have JUST ESTABLISHED, are provided by privately owned associations and companies managed by the owner of Money Catch herself!

Besides violating over a dozen laws, from Conflict of Interest and Defamation to False Advertising and Unfair Competition Regulations, Deanna Mannix has knowingly sabotaged the business of her competitors, not through better services and lower prices, but through direct defamation, false reviews and a host of dirty tactics.

This is Deanna Mannix’s various trading entities;

Money Catch
Cyber Space Investigations
Australian Unrecovered Finance Services

Why does she need all the above? Am sure you can come to your own conclusions!